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Yona and the Beast

Yona and the BeastA beautiful short story about the slave called Yona and a huge Calliston

Yona was cold and so were all the others.  Shut in a freezing room in a hall buried in a gorge in the North Hoar Ridge, she knew she had two possible fates: She would die here or be forced to work in the mines.  That much they knew.

But then, as those around her were beginning to succumb to the cold, a young man smashed down the door and told them they were free.

So begins the incredible tale of Yona and the Beast as the slaves escape across the huge continent of Bind on an incredible Calliston, a giant beast.

This free short story relates what happens to a few characters that we met briefly in Dirt, book one of the Dirt Fantasy Epic.  But you do not need to read the main books to enjoy this small offering. It is completely standalone and can be read on its own. 

So, what is a Calliston?

A calliston is a huge beast, the size of a great dragon, but flightless, standing on four great legs with two arms.  They are an intelligent, cultured, peaceful creature that is much loved in fairy stories on Dirt.  If you would like to know more about these wonderful people, read the Abbey article Here.


Story Length:  24,000 words

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