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Barclin Bestoner

Bestoner had been a thorn in the side of the Prelate of Hebbut, a hilly country just north of the Red Mountains, for many years. 

Hebbut was a very conservative country, much wedded to the Church of the True, and though change and rebellion was wished for, the influence of the church did not create a social climate where such a thing engendered support.  

The sudden departure of the Prelate changed things immediately and Bestoner was able to create a new council to run the country, though the very conservative beliefs of the people would not change in his lifetime.  He became a friend of Mistry and Mab-Onin.

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Character Details
  • Name: Barclin Bestoner
  • Pron: BARK-lin
  • Skill: Mayor
  • People: Human
  • First Appearance: Bloody Dirt
  • Location: Hebbut