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Dirt Series Two

Silvi Farthing and Eiferra - with goat and horse!GIRLS OF DIRT IS NOW FREE!

Can a young woman become a general and defeat a terrible foe?

It is five hundred years since the wars in The Prelates and the dragons were driven from the shores by a cruel, fatal disease.  The Prelates became Preland, named after Pree, tried to become a single country and, as Farthing predicted, failed and fell apart. Bind was riven by wars and empire building, but then also collapsed.

There are fewer humans, communities are farther apart, they trade less, are poorer and many small countries are run by uncaring monarchs and barons using the feudal system. They have forgotten their history and forgotten the dragons, now nothing more than silly tales for children or paintings on walls.

But there is hope. 

On Preland, the daughter of Weasel and Elena is now five hundred and twenty years old, lives in the villa that her mother built, tending the olive groves and working as a healer. And on the Isle of Hope, the seventeen-year-old great daughter of Johnson and Mistry is about to meet a dragon.

Series Two of Dirt tells the story of Silvi Farthing, Eiferra (also known as Ferret), and the dragons, as they battle against new foes and try to bring back the legacy of Pree that has been thrown away.

Girls of Dirt includes a recap of series one.

WARNING:  The full descriptions of the books on each dedicated page will probably contain spoilers for the previous books!

Girls of Dirt - FREE

Girls of Dirt-Free

When Silvi Farthing is attacked by her brothers who believe a young woman should be married and not running her own life, she is saved by a beautiful dragon, a creature many people believe is nothing but a myth.

And so Silvi begins a journey with a character from legend, and learns all about her great father Johnson, what he stood for and what was lost.

Dragons of Dirt

Dragons of Dirt

The dragons are now returning, but in Bind, forces are growing that threaten to destroy all they are working to build. Silvi and Ferret must find the Cwendrina and learn more about the ancient history of the Isle of Taken.

People of Dirt - Series Two book three

People of Dirt

As Tol Nalan and Lefton lay siege to the beautiful kingdom of Sarn, a terrible winter lays waste to the north of Preland.  The dragons want to help their new human friends, but behind the snows, evil men are plotting once more to destroy the dragons and oppress the poor people of Dirt.

The Dragon and His Rider

The Dragon and His Rider

Read chapter one of a forthcoming new novel set after the events of series two. The life story of Mab-Kirn and Gaila as they travel around the world of Dirt, sharing adventure, friendship and their passion for anything new. Download for free now.

The young of the plains audiobook

The Young of the Plains

A free novella for those who sign up to my newsletter. A tale of two young friends, one dragon and one human, as they become the youngest dragon and rider ever to take to the skies. Listen on YouTube now.