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Bekon is a region of Orl-Earde (Bind) that runs from the Weld Ormete Nord forest on the border with Coldor in the north, down to the Bekon Moors in the south on the border of Meressa. To the west lies Jerr-Vone, Cosenta and Hendesse and to the east is found Great Plains, Epinod and Desson. Bekon is the largest region after Eastern Plains and is the most populated in Bind.

As the most fertile region of the continent, Bekon and its smaller subdivisions, has been much fought over. It was the first land to be conquered by the early Haften tribe and was named Gevenan for the tribal matriarch. 

It is a hilly country for the most part, but the divisions of Essennor, Coan, and Ratinor are less so and are heavily farmed, relying on trade with less fertile neighbours. The most heavily populated areas are Essennor, DeVale and Hertenesse.

Riena in Hertenesse was the capital of Bekon during the time of the Haften Empire, and later became the capital of the Kingdom of Hertennese. It has been much fought over and rebuilt several time, the modern town being much smaller than the original Haften seat. 

Although it does not possess the huge mineral deposits of Hendesse or its northerly neighbours of Coldor, coal, iron, copper and tin are mined in the central ridge and the Black Hills.

It also boasts good clay deposits in the north and most of the buildings of that area are brick and wood construction, while further south, quarried stone is more used.

The Bekon Moors are the regions most famous feature.  This vast area of mixed moor and heathland runs from the border with Hendesse some one hundred leagues to the north east through the areas known as Pennesse and Tulinor to the range of hills known as Fevin Rocks.  Some small communities survive on the moors, though it is not seen as good farming land. 

The large and popular Bekon Brown draught horse was originally bred from a tough moorland horse and another horse from North Bekon, though the modern animal is much larger than either of its ancestors. 


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