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Born in a remote community in the Central Ridge in northern Bind, Mab-Tok was one of a pair of rare twins, though they were not identical.

He and his brother Mab-Lotok both left their community soon after learning to fly and worked closely with the Desert Dragons in Ponack.

Mab-Lotok soon built a reputation as a good scout while Mab-Tok took to studying herbs and trying to improve his latent healing talents.

Mab-Tok became famous for his "purges," vile tasting concoctions that he developed initially to help with anything from digestive problems to working against venoms, for instance the venom of the Onga, a dangerous tenticled creature of the Yonder Sea.  While Mab-Lotok continued to live in northern Bind, Mab-Tok travelled further to extend his knowledge, spending time in various areas o f Southern Bind as well as travelling the Prelates.  He spent ten years living in Taken.

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The brothers were introduced to Sen-Liana at the Abbey in the black hills by the Draig yr Anailr from Ponack and both decided to make the Abbey their home for many years.

Wishing to spend more time at Taken and learn more of the dragons around the Yonder Sea, Mab-Tok was instructed to find out anything he could about Eafa and his whereabouts.  

Mab-Tok later admitted that he had become distracted by the political intrigue at the Neauth and was attracted to the human love of gambling, something new to him. He often regards that period as wasted years and feels he was saved firstly by meeting with Eafa and then with his growing association with the unusual Draig Wen, Lilygwin.

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Relationship with Lilygwin

Although pairing between dragons not of the same peoples is not uncommon, there are no records of White Dragons having any associations outside of their own people or the strange simbiotic relationship some enjoy with the Black Dragons.

Additionally, Draig Bach-Iachawr generally do not pair, even within their own kind and sexual relations are generally very casual.

The obviously close relationship between Lilygwin and Mab-Tok was seen as a thing of wonder.  Initially the attraction was a mutual fascination with the healing process, both dragons people producing an unusually high number of healers for any people of Dirt, and the two furthered the knowledge of both humans and dragons considerably.  But it became clear that their relationship was far deeper than academic curiosity and the partnership between the two often more resembled Human relationships than dragon relationships.

The Dragon Disease

Mab-Toks contribution to managing the devastating epidemic that killed many dragons is regarded as instrumental in the survival of the dragons.  Though no cure could be found, his quick understanding that there was no risk of dragon to dragon transmission, meant there was a real possibility of some dragons being able to leave Bind and the Prelates and survive.

In addition, the tonic developed by him and Lilygwin eased the end-of-life suffering of my dragons, especially the larger reds that suffered more than others. It is also the only pain killer ever developed that works to some extent with greater dragons.


Although it was thought that smaller dragons like Mab-Tok would simply be incapable of leaving for Angyn, he and Lily did make the attempt with Lily expressing confidence that they could succeed. 


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Character Details
  • Name: Mab-Tok
  • Pron: mab-tok
  • Skill: Healer
  • People: Draig Bach-Iachawr
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 285
  • Location: North Bind