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Pree Hearting

Born into privilege, Precious Hearting had never built a true daughter-father relationship with the Prelate Gorestop Hearting.

Her mother, Felina, had been brought up in the Prelate's Palace along with Geezen, who later married Truck.   When young, Felina had become friends with the Prelate's son Gorestop.  The heir to the Prelatehood was academic and friendly and as the two grew older it was clear that their was growing affection between the two.

The old Prelate disapproved of the relationship and the young Felina was sent to work in the kitchens and the two were ordered not to have any contact with each other.

When the old Prelate died, Gorestop Hearting brought Felina out of the kitchens and the two married.  But whereas the young man had been gentle, as he grew up and the and between him and his father deepened,  he had grown bitter and hard of heart.  Geezen who had been like a big sister to the young Gorestop was thrown out of the Palace, only to return when the new Prelate and Felina were having trouble conceiving. 

When Precious was born, her mother died in childbirth.  Prelate Gorestop ordered the child to be killed but Geezen intervened and the child was saved.

Prelate Hearting was one of the richer Prelates, though Redust itself was not particularly wealthy, and Precious Hearting had everything she wished for when she was young.

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Pree's relationship with Johnson Farthing grew through her friendship with Rustina with whom she had been enslaved. She would later say that without Rustina's strength she would never have survived the ordeal and nor would she have changed and grown to deserve the love that Farthing gave her.  

It was the strength of this relationship and the strong friendship she had with the companions on the return journey to Taken that allowed her to consider confronting her father and, perhaps, signalling change in Redust.


It is unclear why Geezen let it be known that Precious Hearting was a descendant of the Cwendrinas, sometimes known as the Queens of Dirt.  The history of the Cwendrinas was seen as something so ancient as to be nearly irrelevant and it became an unresolved puzzle why it was necessary to revive the connection.

Certainly, what role was played by the Cwendrina in ancient times was unclear at this point.

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Her death by Belin Tekkinmod, though accompanied by the fall of the Haftens and the Heinela Cwendrin, left the future of the new Southern States uncertain as the mayors struggled with the idea of some sort of central government and leadership.  Certainly, without Pree and Farthing's strong influence and Pree's negotiating skills, the chance of spreading what was becoming known as Pree's Law to the Northern States seemed far less certain.

It is interesting to speculate that had she survived the war that she and Farthing would have considered building contacts north of the Red Mountains, especially contacting communities that had suffered under the Haftens at that time. 


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Character Details
  • Name: Pree Hearting
  • Pron: pree HAH-ting
  • People: Human
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 18
  • Location: Wead-Wodder