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Poem to the Draig yr Anialr

The Draig yr Anialr

So great the noble beast and proud
Arisen high on rocks so bare
Survey she all and seeing want
In her true heart she can but care

Her golden eyes are justice lit
Her soul would fairness decree
And smite she once those callous hearts
That push the weak upon their knee

Her wings she opens wide and bright
The sun shines through their sails
And to the clouds, she soars and cries
Of loss o'er mount and vale

From high no border can she spy
Only in men's hearts do they live
And she will fight for the lowest soul
And her life she'll gladly give

Oh, Draig yr Anialr, hear me now
Your shadow cross the sun above
Hold me safe and hope now bring
And in return, I'll give you love.

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