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The Young of the Plains

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Be-Lonitta was only fifteen and for a red dragon was even a little small for her age. But she was the daughter of the famous Be-Alene, one of the fastest dragons on Dirt, and all Be-Lonitta wanted to do was to fly.

The problem was that dragons, especially red mountain dragons, couldn't fly when they were fifteen.  Their wings were not strong enough yet, not by a long way, and she might not be up and flying till she was thirty! Well, that was far too long to wait.

And anyway, Be-Lonitta was ready, she knew she was. She could feel it in her bones, in her muscles, and all the way to the tips of her rather beautiful wings. She even told her best friend, the young human girl Se-Berina, she was ready.

At thirteen, Se-Berina wasn't so sure, and not completely trusting in her friend's assurances...

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Be-Lonitta walked over towards the edge of the ridge and looked out over the endless, stony desert.  “Good view from here.”


“I could just jump off, of course.”

The girl sat up.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, nice cliff, long drop, warm breeze; perfect flying weather for a young, beautiful dragon.”

“Oh, no!  Don’t even think about it!”

“What, little scaredy girl?  Can’t handle a small drop?”

“Small?”  Se-Berina peeked over the dragon’s shoulder.   The ridge fell away in a dangerously steep incline covered with boulders and jagged rocks, and then a couple of hundred feet down, became a vertical cliff face.  “Has to be a thousand feet!”

“No it isn’t.  Eight hundred, maximum.”  The dragon balanced on the edge.  “Bit rocky at the bottom, though.”


“Why?”  The dragon was smiling, teasing her friend.

“Just don’t!”

“I can do it!”

“You said you did it once!”

“Well, yeah…”

“On your own without me on top!”  The girl’s voice was shaking with fright and dragon sighed.

“I know, Berry.  I am only messing.  I wish I could though.  Every time I see the other dragons fly, I just want to be up there with them.”

But when Be-Lonitta slips and falls from the cliff, her friend on her back, she knows she has no choice. She must fly.

The Young of the Plains is a story for younger readers aged ten and above, and all the way to a hundred! Written primarily for two young friends who are a little young yet for the main stories, it is a stand-alone tale set on the Eastern Plains of Dirt.

A story of best friends, dragons, the Pharsil-Hin nomads and many others, it is full of fun, adventure, danger, and growing up.

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