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Characters I to L


Important Characters

Johnson Farthing

(JON-son FAH-thing)

Book: Dirt

Born in Wead-Wodder, Redust, Farthing was orphaned as a young teanager and earned money shifting other people's dirt.



Book: Dirt

A most unusual dragon, is the general consensus. Lily is a small, beautiful Draig Wen who decides to leave the relationship with Bell-Sendinar and travel with Mab-Tok and his friends across Bind. A healer and sometimes almost magical.

Minor Characters

Ike Farthing

(ahyk FAR-thing)

Book: Girls of Dirt

Fisherman in Ten Bay, brother of Silvi



Book: Girls of Dirt

Owns the general store in Bay

Jacob Pissgiven

(jay-cob PIS-gi-ven)

Book: Dirt

Ferryman in Wead-Wodder

Javin Geld

(JAH-vin geld)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Undersecretary in Charlton, Herondinshire



Book: Dirt

Old farmer in Sarn-Appton



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Landlord of Fedal Swine Tavern, Tremp



Book: Bloody Dirt

Baker in Het Seborg and Ben Lowen's partner

Jemime Fod

(je-MEEM fod)

Book: Hope

Wife of Fod



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Mayor of Haifen



Book: Bloody Dirt

Works at Old Woman

John Bullman

(jon BUUL-man)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Head of first council, first mayor of Redust



Book: Bloody Dirt

Landlord of tavern in Fenton



Book: Girls of Dirt

Landlord of The White Rock in Bay



Book: Hope

Blacksmith and farrier in Deoram Ham

Ke-hin Tol-nee

(kay-hin tol-nay)

Book: Dragons of Dirt

Brother of Va-nen Tol-nee and self styled baron

Keli Sebbon


Book: Hope

Daughter of Rusty and Sam



Book: Bloody Dirt

Fren-Dell's rider



Book: Hope

Bandit in Col Waters

Kern Haeggar

(Kairn ha-AY-gah)

Book: People of Dirt

Great grandson of the original and also the most powerful northern warlord.



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Former Heinela



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Knight to the duke of Saldothian



Book: Dragons of Dirt

Be-Sula's rider based in Kend

Lena Been

(Lay-nər Been)

Book: Dirt

Melini's sister in Sarn-Tailin



Book: Hope

Master of the schooner based in Dragon Bay



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Wife of the blacksmith Dente in Tremp, Middonan

Levon Jinx

(le-von jinks)

Book: Dirt

Farmer and curer in Tharkness. Mistry's father.



Book: Mistry's Tale

Mother of Shelli



Book: Dirt

Villager in Barn - Farmer



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Member of the So tribe and a Ten-he

Lina Been


Book: Dirt

Melini's sister and twin to Lena



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Paired with Be-Hala - Also known as Lini



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Freeman in Tremp and husband of Seina

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