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Magic and Science

If one were to ask Eafa the magician what is the difference between the skills of an engineer and the talents of a healer or magician, the chances are that he would bark at you in laughter. Famously he believed there was no difference at all. When an engineer builds a wall, he does so by manipulating the materials he has available such as rock and bending it to his purpose. When a healer helps a wound to heal, they manipulate the flesh and the flows of blood and bend it to their purpose. One may be more complicated than another, but they are fundamentally about skills and understanding of the world.  "If someone is hungry, I can only solve that by cooking them something to eat.  I can’t click my fingers and magic up a four course meal complete with servants and silver cutlery."

Not all would agree with Eafa and many believe the incomprehensible nature of his own skills and those of others like him disproved his own dismissive analysis.  It is true to say, however, that those with co-called magic appear to be as vulnerable as the rest of us and most can offer very little in the way of the dramatic. A Wizard who can hurl lightning bolts is very much of the realm of myth and story.

The Nature of Magic

A discussion about magic and how it relates to the people of Dirt. Does it exist?

What is a Magician?

Magicians on Dirt are often treated as cheats and charlatans, and often rightly, but those that do have skills are often a puzzle.

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