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Characters A to C

The letter B is always going to be popular as it is the home of unpaired female dragons.  The prefix Be- (pronounced bay) is not used like a human Miss or Mrs, but rather becomes part of the name, so Be-Elin is said as one word, bay-AY-lin.  However, close friends will often drop the Be- and just use the core name.  The more archaic form of Be- is Biel- and that is also found here.

Other notable members of this group include Ben Lowen, Farthing's chief of staff, and Belin Tekkinmod.

The two Draig Dechrun also make an appearance.

Important Characters

Agetha Leine

(a-GAY-thər lay-EEN)

Book: Dragons of Dirt

Born in poverty, Agetha was brought up in Fere Erieve. After her mother died in an accident, the girl was brought up by the staff and became like a daughter to Queen Fena



Book: Dirt

A feisty and occasionally irreverent Desert Dragon who claims Johnson Farthing as her rider.

Ben Lowen

(ben LOH-ən)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Sergeant who fought in the northern wars and joins Pree's Army

Minor Characters



Book: Girls of Dirt

Rescued from Hebbut by Ferret, she works in the kitchens at Weidess Burh, under the protection of Sir Sovan.



Book: Bloody Dirt

A soldier in Pree's Army

Barclin Bestoner


Book: Bloody Dirt

Recruited by Weasel to become the new Mayor of Hebbut upon the departure of the Prelate



Book: Dirt

Landlord of the Lost Man in Sarn-Tailin, North Bekon



Book: The Fight For Dirt

The young dragon who dies of a strange disease and treated by Mab-Tok and Lilygwin



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Highly experienced dragon that is paired with Linena



Book: Dirt

Paired with Eofin, she took charge of the dragon host in The prelates under Bren-Diath



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Paired with Farron



Book: Dragons of Dirt

A Sea Dragon who becomes friends with Agetha



Book: Dragons of Dirt

A young dragon who is paired with Lena and is based in Kend



Book: Bloody Dirt

Mate of Mab-Abin in Ponack.



Book: Yona and the Beast

A wanderer who is captured and taken to Wessen to work in the mines. Befriends Yona and Phoran and escaped with them.



Book: Dirt

Weasel's sister and Moppy's great mother.



Book: Hope

Married to Jonnan



Book: Bloody Dirt

Works at Old Woman in Redust



Book: Hope

Landlady of Blewen Fuga

Belin Tekkinmod

(bay-LIN TEK-in-mod)

Book: Dirt

Governor of West Wessen in Bind and descended from the Haften dynasty



Book: Dirt

A black dragon that lives in the Black Hills. Brother of Bell-Sendinar.



Book: Dirt

A black dragon that lives in the Black Hills. Brother of Bell-Sarinar.



Book: Bloody Dirt

Occasional business partner of Truk

Benhal Payn

(ben-Hal Payn)

Book: Dirt

In charge of the dirt dumps in Wead-Wodder. His nickname was Major.



Book: The Fight For Dirt

One of the soldier who desert and are found by Farthing/Mistry



Book: Bloody Dirt

Farmer who has a small holding in the foothills of Taken Mountain.



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Builder working on the rebuild of The Wealle in Wead-Wodder

Ber Sonnel

(bair SON-nəl)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Landlord of the Red Dragon Inn at Fallen Hills, Bind



Book: Hope

Villager in Deoram Ham



Book: Yona and the Beast

A young girl who is rescued from slavery and is adopted by Yona and Phoran. Friend of Eldola the Calliston.


(bee-AYL Day-FREEN)

Book: Dragons of Dirt

Sky Dragon who moves to Sarn. Daughter of Biel-Deieler


(bee-AYL day-AY-lər)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Sky Dragon who meets Mistry and Weasel


(bee-AYL van-YAY-sər)

Book: People of Dirt

A sky dragon who moves to Sarn



Book: Dirt

Map Maker - Biggerman Charts and Sundries



Book: Bloody Dirt

Works for the Haggerheads at their farm



Book: Bloody Dirt

Merchant in Taken Town - Mistry calls him Booby



Book: Bloody Dirt

Works for Evana



Book: Hope

Fisherman in Deoram Ham, married to Caina



Book: Dirt

Close friend of Weasel


(bren a-TAY-nin)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Paired with Fren-Ena


(bren Corn)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Goes on mission with Weasel to Hebbut


(bren Dayn)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Goes on mission with Weasel to Hebbut


(ben DEE-əth)

Book: Dirt

Ice Dragon who is caretaker at Taken Mountain


(bren AY-ton)

Book: Dirt

Paired with Gellin - head of dragons at Ponack while Be-Inua is away


(bren HAN)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Desert Dragon based at Ponack


(bren HAY-lin)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Desert Dragon who is paired with Bren-Dell


(bren Hay-mon)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Incredibly big Red Dragon who moves to Het Seborg


(bren on)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Grandfather of Mab-Onin at Ponack



Book: Hope

Villager in Deoram Ham, married to Breen



Book: Bloody Dirt

Goes on mission into Berronland



Book: Girls of Dirt

A maid at Wiedess Burh in Kend



Book: Hope

Grand daughter of the Downys in Tool



Book: The Fight For Dirt

A nomad of the De tribe who fights at Ein

Co-len Tol-nee

( coh-len tol-nay)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

The leader of the Keffre-see in An-Hellern in the time of Farthing.



Book: Bloody Dirt

Mab-Ghoha's rider and trainer of riders

Constable de Sevon

(de SAY-von)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Constable in Henry's army


(cor hah LAYn-dər)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Leader of the nomad warriors and chief of the Ten-he

Covan Mornon

(COH-van MOHR-non)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Duke of Middonan and Sir Revan's father.

Ferall Farthing


Book: Dirt

Better known as Bent, Johnson and Rustina Farthing's father.

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