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Hal Kellin

Brother of King Edver Kellin, Hal dropped the use of his title of "Prince" soon after his brother took the throne and opted to be known as Sir Hal having trained as a knight under Sir Nolenn, head of the Hertenesse forces.

Hal was put in charge of the notoriously damp Levin Burh where he was responsible for the defence of the south of the kingdom, the province of Fevindor.

The king had abolished feudalism and had removed the role of thanes and lairds from the lands. Many of these lower aristocrats left Hertinesse with their retainers and men-at-arms, leaving the kingdom vulnerable. 

The king raised funds by selling small plots of land to farmers who had previously rented or been tied to a thane, and Hal used this coin to run patrols in the south. At this time, Calon and Tulinor had become very much more unstable and Hal created a company of irregulars to help thwart cross-border raids. He also created a lesser-known company of longbow archers, unknown in Bind at that time, to work over the borders and track down bandits on Bekon Moors.

Open if you have read "People of Dirt"

Hal Kellin was involved with the first return of Draig yr Anialr to Bind. Following a terrible injury when scouting with Mistry Jinx, he moved to Taken to live in the famous Pub by the Waters Inn with Mistry who had become his partner. 

He took many months to recover, despite being helped by the healer Dienella and Eiferra, but was then recruited by Silvi Farthing to head the Preland Defence Force. 

He and Silvi worked very well together and the two were often compared to General Johnson Farthing and Ben Lowen.

Following the war, Hal moved back to Taken, though he returned to Levin Burh for a short time to run the castle when the new commander fell off his horse and broke his leg.

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Character Details
  • Name: Hal Kellin
  • Pron: hal ke-lin
  • Skill: Knight
  • People: Human
  • First Appearance: Girls of Dirt
  • Age at time: 40s
  • Location: Hertenesse