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Dirt Series One

Johnson FarthingNEWS: Book one is now an audiobook

When Johnston Farthing, a poor labourer, chased his enslaved sister across Dirt on the back of a huge dragon and in the company of a strange magician, he could not have imagined how much his life would change. The young man was destined to fall in love, become a general and fight two oppressive armies determined to rule his world. Worse, one of them wanted to destroy the beautiful dragons of Dirt.

And so the saga begins. A tale of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. A story of friendship between young and old, human and dragon. A legend in the making, perhaps, and the fight to win the most important of all prizes: freedom.

Join Farthing, Fren-Eirol, Weasel, Mistry, Rustina and Pree, and all the dragons, as they laugh, cry, joke and battle for their world. And continue the story, five hundred years later, with Silvi Farthing in series two.

WARNING:  The full descriptions of the books on each dedicated page contain spoilers for the previous books!

Dirt - Series One, Book One

Dirt - FREE!*

The opening of the entire saga, Dirt tells the story of Johnson Farthing as he races across the ocean to rescue his sister Rustina with the help of the beautiful Sea Dragon Fren-Eirol and the annoying magician Weasel. Read More

Bloody Dirt

Bloody Dirt

The system of Prelatehoods on Dirt at its best consignes most of its citizens to poverty, at worst, it ties them up with an oppressive ideology.  The fight back begins here. Read More

The Fight for Dirt

The war grinds on as Henry and Tekkinmod battle in the north and the friends plot to beat both of them and free the continent.  But something is wrong with the dragons.  Something terrible. Read More

Hope and Mistry's Tale

Hope & Mistry's Tale

The War is over and for some a new life is starting in the far south of Bind.  But this is Dirt and there is always someone who is empire building.  This time it is up to Farthing not to fight, but to help them all escape. Read More.

Yona and the Beast - FREE*

Set during the events in Dirt, this standalone short story tells the tale of a group of slaves and their incredible escape on the back of a huge Calliston. Read More.