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A most unique dragon

One of the most notable things about Lilygwin is her name.  Draig Wen do not use names as they can distinguish each other without, but when she decided to break from the symbiotic relationship with the Draig Dechrun Bell-Sendinar, she chose the name Lilygwin herself, eschewing the usual dragon tradition of using Be- before the name.  The name is for a small white flower that grows over much of Dirt and is used commonly in herbal medicines as a very mild soporific; well chosen perhaps as many have written that Lilygwin herself had a calming and cheering effect on any she met. 

It is unknown how old she is, though she is younger than her Draig Dechrun.  Lily, in common with many of the Draig Wen, do not see the point in discussing issues they see as little worth, and her age fits into that category.  It is safe to assume that she may be a couple of thousand years old.  

Despite this long lifetime, she has had so little contact with the wider world until she paired with Mab-Tok, that she can be surprisingly ignorant of both culture and history before that time.

Lilygwin has very strong abilities as a healer and between her and Mab-Tok, have catalogued a vast number of healing plants and herbs.  She, like some very few other Draig Wen has the ability to empathise and affect the thoughts of some creatures, for instance horses.  She describes it as "giving them ideas."

Open if you have read "People of Dirt"


Lilygwin is also one of the voices, the healers that are able to communicate with and advise the Cwendrina and the Ancients.

It is unknown whether she has always been a voice or whether this is something new to her.  As usual, she feels it unimportant.


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Character Details
  • Name: Lilygwin
  • Pron: li-lee-gwin
  • Skill: Healer
  • People: Draig Wen
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Location: Black Hills