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Bind on DirtMapping is of vital importance to any society  if it is to understand it place in it's world, but isolated and insulated communities are not noted for map making; when local knowledge is enough, anything more than a rough guide is nothing more than curiosity. 

But when events have wider implications than the local, without good maps control of any situation is impossible.   In addition, if you are wishing to have exclusive control over your populace, then the widespread adoption of good maps may want to be discourages.  It is not surprise therefore that the best existing maps have tended to be of sea routes and land masses have, from empire to empire, been poorly maintained. 

Most of the maps here are inspired by the work of Mistry Jinx, to whom map making was not just a necessity, but almost a philosophy.  Do note, however, that areas that appear empty are only so because of a lack of information, not that there is nothing there!

Please be assured that as more information does come to light, the cartographers will update the maps.


Kend and Cisson

Map of the country of Kend, south of the Red Mountains

Large map of bind.
Large map of Bind

This is a large map of bind with all known features.

The Prelates / Heinelina
Large map of The Prelates

Large map of The Prelates

Map of Redust

Showing Redust and surrounding countries

Isle of Hope
Map of the Isle of Hope

The beautiful Isle of Hope in the Missing Sea, south of Bind

Tepid Lakes and the Beacon of Hope
Tepid Lakes and The Beacon of Hope

Centering on Tepid Lakes, this also shows the area from Sarn in the south up to Heldon Heights (The Beacon of Hope)

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The normal distance on Dirt is the League and this is used on both land and water.

Rough measurements of short distances are in paces.

Scale & Accuracy

The distances between features on the map is reasonably accurate, though some maps are scaled differently and it is important to note any distance guide on the particular map.

Where this rule may be broken is between places that are very close together.  For instance, the villages of Sarn-Tailin, Sarn-Appton and Sarn-Linton are closer together in reality than shown on larger maps. 

Features are often shown as far bigger than they may be in reality; their location and importance being more critical than their actual size.  Mountains and some woodland are examples of this.