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A Real Fantasy Saga

“Good deeds hurt the most, and good people feel the pain most of all.” (Dragons of Dirt - Series 2)

It started with just one young man racing across a world to rescue his sister, but it would end in a continent-spanning conflict that would last hundreds of years and had its roots thousands of years in the past.

Told in three series, the Dirt saga follows the fortunes of the Farthing family and their friends as they are dragged from obscurity to become heroes and leaders.

But this is a fantasy with a difference. This is a story about real people, human and dragon. It is about how they live their lives, the personal trials they have to face, their humour, their tears, their silliness and their love for each other.

Start your journey across Dirt today with Dirt, book one, series one - free! Series two is out now.

Silvi Farthing and Be-Elin

Dirt: Series One

Dirt series oneJohnson Farthing is an ordinary young man digging dirt for a living in the coastal trading town of Wead-Wodder. When his sister is kidnapped from the Prelate's Palace with the daughter of the Prelate, Farthing races across Dirt with the help of a beautiful sea dragon and a less than reputable magician.

But the story does not end there. Over a series of four books, journey with Farthing and his friends, humans and dragons, as they fight against those that would take away what little freedom and hope they have. 

Start with book one, Dirt, for free!

Dirt: Series Two

Dirt Series TwoIt is five hundred years since the events of series one. What legacy left by Johnson Farthing and Pree has been lost and the population is smaller, the people poorer, and the land peppered with small, badly-governed kingdoms and baronies.

On the beautiful Isle of Hope, a young woman has left her abusive family home and set up a tiny goat farm in an ancient, abandoned fisherman's hut, and is trying to build a cheese business. But her brothers are not happy with her. They believe that a woman should be married and only do her husband's bidding, so they destroy her dream.

The last thing they expected was something from a children's story to come to the girl's rescue. Be-Elin, the desert dragon.

So starts the second series of the Dirt fantasy saga, and Silvi Farthing will have to live up to the reputation of her great father Johnson.

Start with book one - Girls of Dirt for FREE. Includes a series one recap.

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