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Characters M to R


Important Characters



Book: Dirt

Brother to Be-Elin in Ponack. Paired with both Pree and Ferret



Book: Bloody Dirt

Sir Dragon. Worked with Sir Tannon and later with Mistry. Close friend of Mab-Onin



Book: Bloody Dirt

Paired with Mistry



Book: Dirt

Accomplished healer and a student of herbs, Mab-Tok is one of the Lesser Dragons who becomes a great friend of Weasel and Lilygwin.

Martin Heel

(MAH-tin heel)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Famously short and stocky, he is an experienced soldier who goes on to lead the company of irregulars

Mistry Jinx

(mis-tree jinks)

Book: Dirt

Born in Tharkness in the shadow of the Black Hills on Bind, Mistry farmed and worked a wagon and team from the age of ten. Estranged from her elder brothers, she and her father took on a long trading journey every year right across the continent.

Pree Hearting

(pree HAH-ting)

Book: Dirt

Precious Hearting was born of privilege but rejected her father's ideology at an early age. However, she frequently admitted to enjoying her bottomless purse as a youth, and felt that to say she hated the luxury would be dishonest and unbelievable.

Rustina Farthing

(ru-STEE-nər FAH-thing)

Book: Dirt

Rusty, as she was more often known, was a maid at Prelate Hearting's palace in Wead-Wodder. Strong of nature and highly organised, she and her brother Farthing survived when many other orphans would have lived on the street.

Minor Characters


(mab- GOH-hah)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Paired with Coline



Book: Bloody Dirt

Dagon based in Het Seborg



Book: Dirt

Twin of Mab-Tok



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Paired with Denierra


(Mah-ayb Tree-AYN)

Book: Dragons of Dirt

Sky dragon in Sarn



Book: Yona and the Beast

A woman taken into slavery in Wessen. Mother to Beva



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Guard in Tellmond

Mela Harden

(MAY-lər HAH-den)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Wife of Ton in Gornenshire

Melini Dawfoot

(me-LEE-nee DOHR-fuut)

Book: Dirt

Seb's wife (maiden name is Been - never used)

Mellinia Masson

(me-lin-NEE-ər MA-son)

Book: The Fight For Dirt

Daughter of Masson



Book: Hope

Daughter of Gorse



Book: Dirt

Leader of a gang of bandits operating on the edge of the Bekon Moors



Book: Bloody Dirt

Ordinary Seaman working for Nathan Jipperson



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Supposed descendant of Beala, sister of Weasel. Works for Geezen Truk



Book: Bloody Dirt

Former Prelate of Hebbut

Mr Downy


Book: Dirt

Landlord of the Anchor Inn in Tool

Mrs Downy


Book: Dirt

Married to Mr Downy of the Anchor

Nathan Jipperson

(NAY-than JI-pər-son)

Book: Dirt

AKA Jipperson the Younger. Tillerman and ship's master in Taken

Oled Holin

(OH-led HOH-lin)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Late son of Holin in Siinland

Oran Helting

(o-ran hel-ting)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Philosopher and founder of the Church of the True.

Panzy De Pepperpot

(PAN-zee də PE-pər-pot)

Book: Dirt

Chief of the Resustian Peacemen in Wead-Wodder



Book: Bloody Dirt

Gangster from Wead-Wodder and adversary of Hally



Book: Dirt

A man pulling a cart in the slave market

Percy Bellobottom


Book: Dirt

Secretary to Gorestop Hearting in Redust



Book: The Fight For Dirt

Knight under Duke Henry Harnon



Book: Yona and the Beast

Phoran is a fisherman form Maernen who is enslaved to work in the mines in Wessen.  he is married to Yona



Book: Dirt

Tekkinmod's second, a hunter from Wessen

Revan Mornon

(Re-van MAW-non)

Book: Bloody Dirt

Nephew of Henry Hardon and son of Duke Covan Mornan of Middonan

Ronald Jipperson

(ro-nald JI-pər-son)

Book: Dirt

AKA Jipperson the Elder, ship's mate and blacksmith.

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