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For the most part, religion has been a source of control within the countries of the two main continents rather than being some sort of natural ground-swell of belief.  Since the time of Oran Helting,  the core of the belief system has been about the order of importance of the various people's of Dirt with humans always at the top of the list.

This has led to those species lower down the list being treated as anything from curiosities to irrelevant to dangerous.

Earlier religions, though not notably organised, set no such delineation between people's and the very earliest seem to have been shared by Dragons, Callistons and Humans.

In later times, any organised beliefs were simply not held by the Hexapods at all, other that a vague belief that perhaps the spirit lingered after death and perhaps there is a heaven.  The mountain at Taken was held sacred by the dragons who believed that their spirits ascended the mountain after death.  However, this was more a traditional belief and the dragons would not set foot on the spire of the mountain more out of a wish to not insult any other dragons who might believe in the tradition.

By the time of Farthing, Oran Helting's The Church of the True had lost much of its impact.  Although there were still Prelatehoods that were extremely conservative, with the rights of women very much ignored, a strong dress code and other such oppressive tenets, much of this was traditional rather than necessarily handed down by the priests in the temples. 

It has been argued that the continual collapse of the church over the next five hundred years may have left a vacuum that allowed the growth of The True Path with its extreme philosophies and practices.

Church of the True

The first of the formalised religions of Dirt where behaviour was an important part of the belief system


The most ancient of known organised beliefs, Oelcraeft was a shared religion that was embraced by both dragons and humans

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