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Bloody Dirt

Bloody Dirt - Series one, book twoThe story continues in Book Two of the fantastical saga Dirt

2nd Edition - June 2016

Warning:  If you haven't read book one, then be prepared for a couple of spoilers!  You might want to rush off now...

The isle of Taken sits in the middle of the Prelate's Sea, or the Yonder Sea, depending where you come from. The dragons call it Gydaynis and on the mountain is The Neuath, the place of meeting and debate for all the dragon peoples.  Well, some of them.

"I don't know what you are up to, magician, but I take exception to my island being used as the base for one of your wild political missions."  Bren-Diath sat in one of the small sunken seating areas of the Catre Sarad, halfway up Taken Mountain in front of the Neuath. 

"It is not, strictly speaking, your island, Bren-Diath; actually not your island at all!  The mountain is claimed by just about everyone and dragons don't even go down to the town."

"It is too small and quaint; I wouldn't fit."

"That is not the reason, old man!"

"Last I checked you were older than me, and I am not a man, Eafa of Tepid Lakes."

"Well, you look your age."  Weasel frowned.  This conversation had been repeated in one way or another for a week, though, on the upside, at least the huge ice dragon had stopped referring to Weasel in any dietary context, not that dragons actually ate humans.  Bren-Diath stretched and looked around the vast Cartre Sarad, the Place of Speech that was cut into the side of the mountain.  It was busier than it had been for centuries, mostly because of an influx of Sea Dragons from Bind in the last couple of months looking for new places to live.


And down at The Pub by the Water,  Johnson Farthing and Pree have to come to a decision.  Fren-Eirol has given them a simple choice; she will take them back to Sarn-Tailin or somewhere more distant where they can live out their lives in safety, or they can return to Wead-Wodder where Pree can confront her father and remove him and his monarchical rule and start a new, fairer, people-led country.

Whatever they decide, they will need friends and they have no idea what is lying in wait, just around the corner.

Join Farthing, Rusty, Pree, Mistry, Weasel and the Dragons as their story continues.

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Available in Paperback and for Kindle from Amazon and for other formats from Smashwords

Paperback length: 395 pages
Number of words: 178,000 appx
Asin: B0178HJUZ8
ISBN (Amazon): 1517279453

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