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Most famous as the birthplace of Johnson Farthing and Precious "Pree" Hearting, Redust lies on the east coast of The Prelates immediately south of the eastern end of the Red Mountains.

Situated on the Taken Line, it is a generally warm country, though it is known to be cold and wet in the cold season.  However, snow is almost unknown in Redust.

Despite sitting on the great River Wead and being home to the trading sea port of Wead-Wodder, Redust is seen as a poor country, with the communities outside of the three historic towns made up of tiny villages and small, poor farming communities.

Much of the reason for this is the success of Wead-Wodder and, in some centuries, the larger town of Alberg.  These two towns, both on the river Wead, benefit from external trade and have not bought from their own farming community.   In later times, the port of Axen grew in importance and successful trading routes created to the more southern states. For a while the rural communities in the southern half of Redust benefitted and became more prosperous. 


Wead-Wodder, situated on the estuary of the broad river Wead, predates the Prelatehood by thousands of years. Originally a Haften stronghold in the wars between the Haften and the Heinela, it boasted a large Haften fort on the small estuary island of Slypa Burh.

It's importance to coastal trading around the Yonder Sea (known as The Prelate's Sea at the time of the Prelature), like that of the port of Tool in Bind, should not be underestimated.  The River Wead is wide, slow moving and fully navigable all the way up to Cape near the border of Siinland and Kend, allowing for large sailing wherries carrying large cargos.  It is of little surprise that when the country of Redust was formed by Prelate Fiele, he adopted the coastal town as his capital.  At that time the Haften fort had fallen and he had built the early prelate's palace within the ruins.  This was later rebuilt following a fire, the latter construction being the one known by Pree. 


Aldberg is a relatively modern town that only grew up over the last hundred years of the Prelatehood. Although it is an important trading station, servicing both wherries on the River Wead and land-based traffic, it never has had the wealth and power of Wead-Wodder, is very small and much of the population is poor.  For a while it was adopted as the capital but lost its status and never grew to any size.  


The small coastal port of Axen,  thirty-five leagues or so due south of Wead-Wodder, was the traditional home of a medium sized fishing fleet and boasted routes into the southerly states of The Prelates.  It was particularly noted for its small, cobbled town square and peaceful atmosphere. Perhaps due to its position, it has managed to avoid involvement in any of the conflicts that have plagued the continent.  Although the second largest town in Redust it is less than half the size of Wead-Wodder.

Het Sebourg

An ancient fishing village a few leagues to the south of Wead-Wodder, this beautiful community was built on the cliffs and the narrow, steep valley that runs down to the harbour. The town was abandoned for many years after the cliffs collapsed burying part of the harbour, ruining the fishing economy.


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