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Mistry Jinx

“I ain’t that little kid who ran away from the circus with you any more, mate!”

MistrySaron Village in Tharkness was part of a small community of poor villages spread along the eastern flank of the Black Hills west of the border with Great Plains.

These were old-world villages where men dominate the community affairs, and women are usually married off at sixteen by arrangement.  

Mistry's mother conceived later in life and died giving birth to her daughter and for most of her life, Mistry lived on her own with her father, Levon.  Her brothers, who were considerably older than she, had already married and left when she was born.

Although life in the small farming community was difficult, Mistry and her father worked hard and kept their small-holding where the father bred a small number of pigs and produced high quality cured meats that were then sold during a long annual trading journey across Bind.

Mistry herself learned to drive a team at ten years old and by twelve was breeding goats and making cheese to sell on the trading trip and locally.  Mistry's father had always been determined that they should earn enough so that they might move south and avoid Mistry being put into a forced marriage.

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It is often remarked that her tough life had matured her beyond her years, and this allowed her to cope with the potential enslavement by Sirrupp in Jerr-Vone possibly better than she otherwise might have done.  

Certainly, over the course of the war, Mistry, still in her teenage years, became instrumental in both mapping out The Prelates and in discovering the movements of the Haftens in particular. 

Mistry, working closely with cartographers in Siinland and her pairing Mab-Onin, produced some of the finest maps of the continent, and more than one person under General Farthing's command saw her maps and her scouting as probably the most powerful weapon they had against the larger forces they faced.

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Like most of the humans on Dirt, Mistry was illiterate, though she admits to being good with her numbers. This was common in her village and in her family where, as far as Mistry knew, no one could read or write.

As the war progressed, Mistry understood that even for map-making, she needed to be able to read so, with help from Mab-Onin at the start, she taught herself.  In itself, this is not unusual, but later on, she learned a working knowledge of the dragon's pictorial language, became proficient at ancient Adelan and even learned some long forgotten languages and dialects.  It was proof of her huge potential intellect that was far beyond the risk-taking rider that most people saw.

Dragon Exodus

Mistry is credited with mapping the route to Angyn from the south of Bind, across Hoar South and using the high winds to head back north again.  This seemingly impossible journey for even the fastest of the desert dragons was made possible because of her incredible insight into the capabilities of dragons and Eafa's knowledge of the Scimrafugol.  It is for good reason that dragons view these two as probably understanding the dragon people better than anyone else.  Following Mab-Onin's death from the disease, the desert dragon's tribute to both him and to Mistry and to what they had achieved for the Dragon Peoples of Dirt was quite unique in the history of Ponack.

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Mistry spend later years with Farthing on the Isle of Hope when the two met by coincidence in Tool.  Mistry often says this was some of her happiest times, though Johnson Farthings slowly failing health became very difficult towards the end. However, when she left the island to travel north, eventually flying to Angyn on Bell-Sendinar, she took with her many happy memories.

It was on the long journey from Hope to the Black Hills that she began to realise that Weasel had affected her when he had kept her alive during their first flight to Angyn. 

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Character Details
  • Name: Mistry Jinx
  • Pron: mis-tree jinks
  • Skill: Rider / Cheese maker
  • People: Human
  • First Appearance: Dirt
  • Age at time: 15
  • Location: Tharkness
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