Dirt series one

"Driven by amazing characters, this is definitely an epic fantasy in the making" - Tome Tender


Dirt Series one
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The eyes of the draig
Glow in the morn
Long he stares
Over valleys wide

Watch does he
As armies form
And rallies his friends
To fight by his side


The stunning Fantasy series is here!  Four amazing books that will draw you in, make you laugh, cry and fall in love with heroes and dragons all over again. 

Johnson Farthing

Welcome to Dirt

"Freedom is the most powerful weapon in the world if enough people hold onto it at the same time."

Weasel in "The Fight for Dirt."

"Wow, what a story! Sensible Dragons! Check it out! Amazing!" - Grant Leishman
"Well-written, fabulous dialogue, inspiring and creatively mesmerizing" - Tome Tender

Dirt is a twelve book (or maybe more) fantasy epic set in the world of Dirt.  The story spans over a thousand years and tells the story of dragons and humans as they try to make sense of their world and break free from the constant trickle of tyrants and dictators determined to rule countries for their own benefit and to hell with anyone else.

But this is not some depressing, dark dystopian land, for despite the pain, it is full of hope, humour, love and passion. 

Dirt is a complex world with a long history, so, this website has two purposes.  On the first couple of pages, you will find everything you need to know about the books as they are published.  Where to buy them and in what order you should read them.

In the Abbey, you will find a growing number of articles about the characters, the history, the places, the geography, all taken from my complicated notes.  These are presented as written by the characters themselves, but you will also find my own notes on some subjects in the sidebar.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Dirt!

CC Hogan

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Dirt - series one, book one"Driven by amazing characters, this is definitely an epic fantasy in the making. Sit back, relax and travel to the world called Dirt. Well-written, fabulous dialogue, inspiring and creatively mesmerizing, C.C. Hogan is creating a strong platform for more in this epic series." 

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"We walk out, Farthing, nice and slow, like they are not here.  On my cue we run."
"What will the cue be?"
"Me running."

"I ain’t that little kid who ran away from the circus with you anymore, mate!"

"She has found that thin line between hero and stupid and loves crossing it.  Very proud of her.  Definitely adopt her one day, just to piss her off."

"You know, adventures are not always as fun as they sound in the stories," Weasel said as they walked up the sands.  "There are all the boring bits to start with."

Series One plus Hope

Dirt - series one, book one

Dirt - FREE!

The opening of the entire saga, Dirt tells the story of Johnson Farthing as he races across the ocean to rescue his sister Rustina with the help of the beautiful Sea Dragon Fren-Eirol and the annoying magician Weasel. Read More


Bloody Dirt - Series one, book two

Bloody Dirt

The system of Prelatehoods on Dirt at its best consigns most of its citizens to poverty, at worst, it ties them up with an oppressive ideology.  The fightback begins here. Read More


The Fight for Dirt - series one, book three

The Fight For Dirt

The war grinds on as Henry and Tekkinmod battle in the north and the friends plot to beat both of them and free the continent.  But something is wrong with the dragons.  Something terrible. Read More


Hope - the sequel to series one


The War is over and for some, a new life is starting in the far south of Bind.  But this is Dirt, and there is always someone who is empire building.  This time, it is up to Farthing not to fight, but to help them all escape. Read More